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Become a CBD retailer

How to Sell CBD

We actually help you start to finish with how to sell CBD. It can seem daunting, so if you want to become a CBD retailer we don't just provide you pure concentrated products, we educate and train you on CBD and our product. We also help with everything from deciding displays to marketing to creating signage etc. We use the ideas and creativity of the 100's of stores carrying our product to help you avoid mistakes you can make by launching without experience.


Most businesses launch CBD products without training or experience. In the US, businesses who carry CBD on average lose $35k in potential yearly revenue by making mistakes related to inexperience during their launch.

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Benefits to Emerald Med

  • Emerald Med provides training and consultation.

  • We have wholesale CBD pricing tier options for everyone from small to large businesses.

  • Emerald Med CBD products have high-quality farms, soil, extraction, ingredients, lab testing, strains, and plant compounds which are all a part of making our CBD different, which means you will have a product that's drastically differentiated. Read our home page and growth practices for more details.

  • You may mix and match the products you want.

  • On your 1st wholesale order, we will buy back any leftover product up to $1,000 if you aren't completely satisfied with how fast it sells, so there's no risk for you as the business.

CBD Wholesale Opportunities

We started making CBD before most people heard about it. We have been manufacturing CBD for the healthcare sector for years. Emerald Med products meet the same level of purity and quality we have to meet for medical community standards. Here are examples of CBD wholesale opportunities we can help support:

  • Medical Offices

  • Nutrition & Health Stores

  • Veterinarian Offices

  • Health and Wellness Centers

  • Fitness Facilities


A few clients have asked about carrying gummies, isolate, tea and flower. The FDA does not allow CBD flower, edibles, tea, gummies and will no longer allow CBD isolate in oil or water-soluble liquid. There is also new legislation that has been presented to make vapor products illegal which has been passed in several states. Some manufacturers are ignoring the rules, but retailers who carry these run the risk every day of being shut down. When new legislation passes to lift restrictions, we will adjust to fulfill those freedoms.


CBD Wholesale Farms

Okay, this part doesn't have much to do with wholesale, but it's just us wanting to say hi from our CBD wholesale farms. We're proud to put painstaking effort into fighting to keep our products as pure and healthy as possible. Much of our staff are former medical professionals and we have a passion for nutrition, farming, and sustainability. Our goal is to help others by providing clean products that are the real thing. We know we can't help everyone, but through you, we can enable a better quality of life to people we'd never otherwise be able to help and that makes us excited to be Emerald Med. If you'd like to join our family contact us and we'd love to talk science, CBD, business, health and travel.

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