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"Every ingredient grows in nature, not a lab tube"

Luna Garcia

9 out of 10

I think I have 5 friends using you guys now! If you ever need a good review feel free to use me. I went from being in agony almost every morning to probably functioning at a 9 out of 10.

Kirk Vandross

Completely Surprised

I really didn't have high expectations for CBD. I couldn't believe how much relief I felt in 1 hour on my 1st time. Just wanted to say thank you.

Gregory Russell

Best One I've Tried

I’ve tried many other CBD companies and finally found a brand that doesn’t fill their product full of a whole bunch of junk.

Melissa Thompson

Bad taste, but works!

So this stuff tastes like grass, lol, but it is definitely working. After a week and half, now my 63 year old mother is even sneaking some of my CBD. She loves it.


Savannah J. - Plano, Texas

Review Stars.jpg

“I cannot say enough about Emerald Med CBD balm. It gives me immediate relief that lasts.This is the best one I’ve found and because it’s so concentrated I use less. One balm literally lasted me like 12 weeks."

Kevin P. - Cincinnati, Ohio

Review Stars.jpg

“My friend told us about your 1000mg oil & we’re so thankful. It helped my mother immensely, already purchased 2 more. She used to be so uptight all the time and had excruciating aches. It’s made a huge impact.”

Luis L. - Rochester, Minnesota

Review Stars.jpg

“I've tried comparable products from other companies, but this one is the best I've found. Surprised how well this works for my hands and neck.”

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Free shipping on orders over $65

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