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The 3 Biggest Mistakes CBD Buyers Make

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Active vs. Inactive

Many people unknowingly buy products with ZERO CBD, but the remedy is simple. Here’s what happens. Hemp seed oil is made from hemp flower seeds and it's rich in nutrients and amino acids. However, it has no CBD. While it’s healthy, it has none of the effects that CBD does. CBD oil comes from hemp, but it comes from the flowers, leaves and stems. Here’s how to protect yourself. Always make sure your product ingredient list or nutrition panel specifically says things like: “CBD” or “cannabidiol” or “cannabinoid extract.” If it only says “hemp” or “full spectrum” it may not have any active CBD.

PRO TIP: We aren’t allowed to sell on Amazon because Amazon doesn’t allow the sale of actual CBD items. They only allow hemp seed oil products. 


CBD vs. 50+

There are 50+ active compounds in hemp crops. CBD is only 1 of those compounds. These compounds include cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and micronutrients. Each gives unique effects, and their benefits increase in the presence of other compounds. Combined, these provide “the entourage effect,” which maximizes the benefits you experience. Without some of these botanical compounds certain benefits are never available. Most oils generally have 5-10 active compounds left after extraction, and sometimes they only have 1 compound. Ours has up to 50+ compounds … plus CBD! 

PRO TIP: If your product’s label or website never specifically mentions how many compounds it contains then chances are it’s because it only has 5-10 (or maybe only 1).  

Synthetic vs. Phyto-based 

This is probably the most important and dangerous issue, and is happening in many popular “healthy” product lines. Pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers have started making synthetic CBD, meaning it’s man-made and the materials cannot be found in nature. It’s significantly cheaper to manufacture, and becoming much more popular. Synthetics have the potential of harming your body and in more extreme cases, synthetic cannabinoids land users in the hospital with severe side effects. In contrast, phyto-based CBD (like what we make) is plant sourced. This means the CBD is natural and contains the original botanical compounds. 

PRO TIP: If your label doesn’t specifically say phyto, plant or hemp sourced CBD then it could be mixed with synthetics. 

CBD will never ever be a “cure-all”, but making a clean, potent and balanced product makes a difference. We started because we couldn't find an effective CBD product on the market. Some of our family had extreme needs for high-quality CBD, so we created the products we wished existed. We make phyto-based, active products with up to 50+ compounds. If you want to support a family run company that’s striving to provide clean products and you need a source for CBD that's effective and high quality we're glad to help. If you’d like to try any of our products for you or a family member, use this checkout code: 12het2  for 40% off up to 2 products. We will be deleting this code shortly, but if you see this code up it is still active today.

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