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CBD Growth Practices

Keeping integrity of health


What you didn't know about hemp

Because hemp is a soil sponge, it can be useful for farms to pull toxins out of the soil. However, because of this, it's important to grow hemp in "virgin" soil that hasn't had exposure to pesticides, synthetic soil nutrients, and other chemicals. Many "organic" and "non-gmo" hemp products are grown on soil that has been commercially farmed with chemicals and synthetic nutrients for decades. Hemp absorbs these harmful compounds. Hemp will also absorb lead, arsenic, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals from the soil. Emerald Med CBD uses CBD growth practices in soil without these contaminants and our products do not have heavy metals, lead, or arsenic like many other brands do. Don't just read this though and apply this knowledge to hemp. Be mindful of all the food and supplement products you buy, and try to buy local and from small farms that protect their soil and your body by refusing to use chemicals and synthetic nutrients.

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What you need to know before buying CBD

We go into depth on our CBD growth practices because we take painstaking measures to ensure quality, integrity to health, advanced absorption and we refuse to cut corners. We mention details behind our process and product on each page because many consumers are confused about where to get a pure high-quality product, and that's what we make. We created Emerald Med because we couldn't find a CBD product on the market that kept the standards of purity and health we wanted. Some of our friends and family had health issues they needed high-quality CBD for, so we created the products we wanted. We started in order to offer CBD to others that we knew was as pure and powerful as humanly possible and kept the full plant compounds intact. Sometimes the hemp industry can be very cutthroat as people start seeing dollar signs. We want to stay as far away from this as we can. So, if you have a local farm that grows hemp with attention to purity, healthy processing, clean soil and healthy ingredients we actually encourage you to support them. If you need a source in the meantime that's pure and high quality we're glad to be that source for you, but if another company, farm, or neighbor is creating a pure product, even if it's not as advanced as ours it doesn't matter, we're on the same team. The team of helping people. Let's all help others towards health, and we can do that without tearing down others.


Organically grown hemp in virgin soil on small farms

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