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3 Tips to get 39% stronger results from CBD

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Want to immediately increase your CBD oil effect? We have 9 doctors that do studies with our CBD and here’s what they’ve found to maximize the effect after testing with patients. If you’re taking any CBD orally, here are 3 ways to improve your effect immediately.



The best way to take any CBD oil is under the tongue. When liquids are taken under the tongue, they cross the thin membrane of the “sublingual” large blood vessel and enter your bloodstream. But while most users hold it 1 minute, you should hold it for 3 minutes, Why? The 3 minutes enables approximately 18% more absorption into your micro-capillaries and the mucosa lining. 

PRO TIP: Why does it burn? 

Ever wondered why CBD slightly burns or tingles under the tongue?  Actually, it’s normally a good sign! As long as it’s a pure oil, the tingle is most likely from hemp’s beneficial compounds called terpenes. This helps open the tissue increasing your CBD oil’s effect. Our oil takes 2x as long to manufacture as most brands. This preserves the highest possible diversity of these beneficial compounds. Most oils generally have 5-10 active compounds left once bottled. Ours has up to 50+!



This little known tip is very helpful for faster absorption and stronger effects. Brush your teeth and tongue prior to taking your CBD oil orally. Why? The abrasion on your gums and tongue from brushing helps increase absorption.

PRO TIP: Count more sheep!

If you need help with sleep support take it 15 mins - 30 mins before bed. If you stay asleep great, but sometimes struggle to settle your mind down before bed, take it 1 hr before bed. Generally CBD oil takes 1-2 hrs to be at full peak.



If you want a slightly stronger effect take with meals. However, keep a few things in mind. A study on CBD found that it was absorbed first under-the-tongue and then in the digestive tract after being swallowed. The results of the study showed that absorption was 12% higher for CBD when taken after a meal. However, it also found food will delay peak concentration in the blood. Verdict: it takes longer to feel the effects, but benefits will last a longer time and you’ll absorb more when taken with food.

PRO TIP: Down the hatch!

Foods high in medium-chain triglyceride oils are ideal to take with CBD. These foods include most cheeses, yogurts, and coconut oil / cream. Other snacks that do well are fish, nuts, avocados and eggs. Also, our CBD oils are actually already blended with fractionated plant oils specifically manufactured to increase the effectiveness and absorption of CBD!


If you’d like to know more interesting facts about what to watch out for and about what makes our oil different click here. We started because we couldn't find an effective CBD product on the market. Some of our family had extreme needs for high-quality CBD, so we created the products we wished existed. Today we work to manufacture effective CBD that truly helps others. If you want to support a family run company that’s striving to provide clean products and you need a source for CBD that's effective and high quality we're glad to help. If you’d like to try any of our products for you or a family member, click below and use checkout code: 12het2  for 40% off up to 2 products. We will be deleting this code shortly, but if you see this code up it is still active today.

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