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While most CBD gummies have 1 - 2 hemp phyto compounds, our advanced CBD gummies contain an elaborate blend of up to 10 - 20x that much! While our oils have a wider compound diversity meaning even a wider diversity of benefits for the user, our phytocomplex CBD gummies are stronger specifically for 4 things. 1) Healthy sleep support 2) strong daytime calm without feeling groggy 3) promotes happy nerves 4) supports extreme ache relief. Many users find taking a partial dose of the gummies with a partial dose of the oils provides the best of both worlds. No synthetics and no fake flavoring! We use natural flavoring in a vegan gummy base and sweeten with honey. Get relief the natural way without cutting corners on your body ... you only have one.

2,200mg PhytoComplex CBD Gummies

$99.00 Regular Price
$89.00Sale Price
  • Up to 20+ Hemp Compounds | Non-GMO | CB1 / CB2 Blend | No Synthetic Cannabinoids | Lab Tested | No Solvents | Proprietary Supercritical C02 Extraction | Vegan | Gluten-Free | Made & Grown in the USA

    SIZE / VOLUME: .3% THC | 30 pcs (30-60 doses) | 3.5g each | Net Wt 105g

    NOTE: Like all CBD products that contain 0.3% THC you will have a wider diveristy of benefits, but it may cause users to fail a drug test. *Please be aware of this if you get drug tested at work.*

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