Concentrated extra strength CBD balm for stronger results. Free from common synthetic topical balm additives. The proprietary formulation for maximum CBD bioavailability. A pure CBD balm relief without any solvents, synthetics, additives, or chemicals. One application of Emerald Med CBD balm is the size of a pearl & one bottle lasts 2-4 months!


Please Note: Our 0.3% THC products have roughly 30-50% more types of active compounds. This provides a wider amount of compounds to help. This is the preferred method; however, it potentially can cause users to fail a drug test. Please keep this in mind if you're drug tested for work.

Extra Strength CBD Balm

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  • Organically Grown Hemp | Non-GMO | No Synthetic Cannabinoids | 40+ Hemp Compounds | Lab Tested | No Heavy Metals | No Solvents | No DMSO | No Parabens | No Aluminum | No Propylene Glycol | Supercritical C02 Extraction | Vegan | Gluten-Free | Made & Grown in the USA